What is the date, time and location for the art fair?
The Abu Dhabi Art fair will take place this year from 16 – 20 November 2022 at Manarat Al Saadiyat.

When is the gallery application deadline?
The deadline for galleries to submit their application is May 7 2022.

Is the Abu Dhabi Art fair this year physical or virtual?
Both. Abu Dhabi Art will offer both physical and virtual platforms this year unless communicated otherwise.

Can I participate in the virtual fair only?
No, galleries can only show in the virtual fair if they have a physical booth at Abu Dhabi Art.

What are the Exhibitors sectors of Abu Dhabi Art?
Modern and Contemporary art galleries have the option to apply to three sectors “Modern & Contemporary”, “Special Projects” and "Emerge". There is also a “Focus” sector which is by invitation only by the guest curators. Non-profit organisations can apply as a “Community Partner” for an info desk at the fair.

What are the participation fees?
Galleries must pay a non-refundable application fee of approx. USD 500 to submit proposals. The booth fee for the Modern and Contemporary sector is USD 560 per sqm. There is a flat fee of USD USD 8,000 for “Special Projects” and “Focus” and USD 3,000 for "Emerge". “Community Partners” is free of charge and consists of an info desk with backdrop.

Can a gallery share a booth with another gallery?
Yes, by submitting a joint proposal.

Can I participate as an independent artist in Abu Dhabi Art?
No, only artists who are represented by a selected gallery may participate through the gallery.

Can a recently opened gallery or organisation apply?
Exhibitors must be at least 3 years in operation before applying.

What information does the gallery have to submit?
Booth proposal and sample artworks. For more information about the the Exhibitors Application Click Here

When do applications open?
Applications open at the start of March and close end April.

How can I apply and get the application?
To apply, please Click Here
For enquiries, please contact the Exhibitor Relations Team via
E: Exhibitors@abudhabiart.ae
T: +971 2 657 5800

How are the exhibitors selected to participate to the art fair?
Applying or paying the application fee doesn’t guarantee your participation. Exhibitors are selected by an internal committee at the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, based on proposals submitted through the Abu Dhabi Art website. Some exhibitors are directly invited to participate by guest curators in curated sectors.

When will the accepted list of exhibitors be announced?
The Galleries and partners who have been accepted will be informed directly in May, there will then be an announcement in the press in June.

Are there any special hotel deals for participating exhibitors?
Yes, Abu Dhabi Art secures special deals for participating galleries which will be included in the Exhibitor Kit that is shared with the exhibitors in the summer months. For more information email Exhibitors@abudhabiart.ae

Do you have suggestions for shippers and art handlers to use?
Abu Dhabi Art will recommend shipping companies and art handlers to all accepted exhibitors and this information will be provided in the Exhibitor Kit. For more information, please refer to the exhibitor kit or email Exhibitors@abudhabiart.ae

Will I be refunded if I decide to opt out the fair due to COVID-19 travel restrictions?
The application fee must be paid and won’t be refunded regardless of the reason. However booth fees are fully refundable if withdrawal is due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Exhibitors can either receive a refund or can use it as credit for the Abu Dhabi Art 2022 Edition. It will also still be possible for the exhibitor to participate on our virtual fair platform if they have had to cancel the physical booth for Covid-related reasons. For more details, please check our Terms and Conditions in the Exhibitors Application.