What is the date, time and location for the art fair?
For this year the art fair will be an interactive digital edition, that will take place from 19 – 26 November 2020 via our website and will bring together galleries and artists from across the world in a number of curated gallery exhibitions and sectors.

How do I get my virtual art fair tickets?
No tickets are required this year, although you will need to register to have access to the virtual art fair and online programme.

How can I register for the Abu Dhabi Art Programme?
Abu Dhabi Art Programmes are complimentary, but registration is required. Online programme registration will be available by November in the programmes calendar.

How can galleries apply?
Participating exhibitors for this year’s edition have either been invited by curators or are previous Abu Dhabi Art Fair exhibitors.

Can I participate as an independent artist in Abu Dhabi Art?
Only artists who are represented by a selected gallery may participate through the gallery.

Is Abu Dhabi Art suitable for children?
Abu Dhabi Art is suitable for children as it has a dedicated activity that both adults and children can enjoy as part of our programme.

Can I buy the Artworks displayed by Abu Dhabi Art Galleries?
Yes, you can purchase artworks from the galleries directly by contacting them via the available details in their dedicated gallery profile.

How do I buy an Artwork?
If you like the artwork, ask the gallerist for more information. Sales are done directly through the art gallery.

What are the prices of the Artworks?
The artworks are of a wide price range, we encourage you to talk directly to the galleries and ask them about the price. Some galleries offer payment in installments.