What are the dates and the opening times for Abu Dhabi Art?

Abu Dhabi Art runs annually for in November, the 2018 dates are 15 - 17 November 2018, Wednesday to Saturday from 14:00-21:00.


How do I get Ticket for Abu Dhabi Art and how much it is?

Access to Abu Dhabi Art is AED45 (Early Bird) and AED55 (Regular) for adults and complimentary for visitors below 7 years of age and students. Advance purchase of online tickets is advisable to avoid queues. Click here to buy your tickets now!


How can I register for the Abu Dhabi Art Programme?

Abu Dhabi Art Programmes are complimentary but registration is required. Pre-registration is advisable to avoid disappointment as we have limited availability for some programmes. Online Programme Registration will be available by October.


Is Abu Dhabi Art suitable for children?

Abu Dhabi Art is suitable for children as it has dedicated activities that children can enjoy in the Art Studio.


Is onsite parking available?

Yes, there is free onsite parking available.


I am taking a taxi to Abu Dhabi Art, what is the address that I should give them?

Inform the taxi driver that you’d like to travel to Manarat Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, for more details click here.


Can I buy the Artworks displayed by Abu Dhabi Art Galleries?

Yes, you can purchase artworks from the galleries directly in the Galleries Hall. Beyond art pieces which are located in several locations around Manarat Al Saadiyat and around the city are also available for sale.


How do I buy Artwork?

If you like the artwork, ask the gallerist for more information. Sales are done directly through the art gallery.


What are the prices of the Artworks?

The artworks are of a wide price range, we encourage you to talk directly to the galleries and ask them about the price.


Is there a retail shop?

Yes, there is a retail shop called The Shop.


Are there prayer facilities?

Yes, there are prayer rooms within Manarat Al Saadiyat.


Is there an ATM at Manarat Al Saadiyat?

There is no ATM available at Manarat Al Saadiyat; however, the food providers take cards. The nearest ATM is at St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort and Park Hyatt Hotel.


Are there special needs facilities?

Yes, there are facilities that accommodate special needs.

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