2009 Talks

  • Abu Dhabi Art 2009 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2009 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2009 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2009 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2009 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2009 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2009 Talks

Dates:  November 2009
Venue: Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE

ABU DHABI ART TALKS were designed to generate the exchange of ideas and to inspire and educate.  It's a series of stimulating cultural talks, conversations and book launches featuring some of the art world’s leading figures, which will engage audiences in a dialogue about the complex history and contemporary art practice in the UAE and around the world.


Lecture: New York University Abu Dhabi 
Collecting Then and Now 

Art collecting has always had a rich global history, as art objects were traded and dispersed all over the world. Even in economically challenging times such as our own, the urge to collect persists. 

Panellists gave their perspectives on collecting today and have discussed collectors, quality and preservation, hot fields of opportunities, investment strategies, dealers and markets as well as the difference between museum and private collecting. 

These panel also offered historical perspective, insights from the profession, and nuts and bolts for the discerning collector.


  • Mariet Westermann, Provost, New York University Abu Dhabi and Professor of Fine Arts
  • Larry Gagosian, owner of Gagosian Gallery
  • Dr. Roger Mandle, Executive Director, Qatar Museums Authority; President Emeritus, Rhode Island School of Design
  • Dr. Farhad Farjam, Collector; Managing Director, Farbro Group


From Private to Public: Patronage and the Museum in the Modern Era
A Panel Discussion on Patronage and the Arts

Patterns of collecting have been intimately linked with art history since antiquity. Royalty, governments, institutions, and individuals have acquired artworks to fulfilL political agendas, social aspirations, educational goals, and personal passions throughout history.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and Museum director Richard Armstrong moderated this panel on patronage and the museum in the modern era. As an
introduction, Armstrong had presented an overview of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s early history, which was the subject of the Gallery One exhibition "The Guggenheim: The Making of a Museum." The subsequent conversation with the panel of collectors, gallerists, and scholars had further traced the intersection of the history of art collecting with the formation of museums from the 18th century to the present. Each panellist have contributed a unique perspective on the significance of art  patronage.

  • Bruce Altshuler, Director, Program in Museum Studies, New York University
  • Stefan Edlis and Gael Neeson, Collectors, Chicago
  • Anthony d’Offay, Founder, Anthony d’Offay Gallery

Moderated by Richard Armstrong, Director, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and Museum


Art in the Middle East Panel 

Middle Eastern art experts and founders have debated the notion of Middle Eastern Art and its role in the region.


  • Jack Persekian
  • Suha Shoman
  • William Wells
  • Nigar Azimi

Moderated by Caprice Horn


Big and Little  

A conversation about how design operates at both ends of the scale, from the production line that cuts down forests in Finland to make chairs for IKEA, and turns steel sheet into cars for Nissan, to the intense focus of batch production and one offs. But Big and Little can also be understood in other ways, like how design can shift the perception of countries from the outside. How big countries used to shape the things that small ones consumed, and that now it can be different.


  • Ahmed Angawi
  • Max Lamb
  • Maarten Baas
  • Reem Al Ghaith
  • Sevil Peach

Moderated by Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum, London


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