Spot the Difference · Sales Lady (6 differences)

Li Qing

Summer Catalogue

Spot the Difference · Sales Lady (6 differences), 2019

Oil on canvas (diptych)



Almine Rech Gallery


Price: 80,000 USD

About Li Qing

Li Qing was born in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province in 1981. He lives and works in Hangzhou and Shanghai. His paintings, installations and video works seek rational rifts in similarity and contradiction, acting on the perception and acknowledgment of a viewer through circuitous and overlapped structures. In recent years, his works track the historical fragmentation and ideological conflicts that have occurred widely in the dissemination of information, collective memory, and knowledge experience. Simultaneously, his works are testing the tension and contradiction between image, language, symbol and social space, connecting the multi-level elements of experience in series to construct a conflict structure. The capture of micro-politics in everyday spaces and images, the questioning of political identity in aesthetic tradition, and the observation on the identity of Chinese Art in the context of Global Art, all reflect his historical consciousness among the younger generation of Chinese artists.

Almine Rech Gallery

Almine Rech opened its doors on April 1st, 1997 in the 13th arrondissement in Paris. The gallery was founded on an axis of California Minimal, Perceptual art and Conceptual art, representing artists such as James Turrell, John McCracken and Joseph Kosuth. In addition to its stable of internationally recognized, mid-career and emerging artists, it has always been the gallery's mission to continually seek out and include new artists in its program, opening especially to painters. The 400 square meter gallery opened with a solo exhibition by Jeff Koons. Almine Rech also opened in Manhattan’s Upper East Side — the gallery's first exhibition space in the US — at the end of October, 2016. The New York gallery's inaugurating exhibition was 'Calder and Picasso’.

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