Abu Gharib

Serwan Baran

Abu Gharib, 2020

Acrylic on canvas



Salwa Zeidan Gallery


Price: 20,000 USD

About The Work

Baran’s work examines the relationship between citizen and homeland, from the point of view of a soldier,  Baran presents a series of paintings, sculptures, and works on paper. A veteran war artist for the Iraqi army, Baran hasa deep understanding of the dangers of state-sponsored propaganda. This exhibition attempts to counter those nationalistic representations, instead focusing on the destructive psychological and social consequences of political unrest and protracted conflict.  His works warn of the perils of a society that allows inequality to go unchecked. He sounds a clarion call to rally as a coalition and protect the right of all to share a place in community. Leaders, followers, crusaders, believers, and apostates all lose in a land led by fear and greed.

About Serwan Baran

Iraqi-Kurdish artist Serwan Baran born in Baghdad in 1968, and lives and work in Beirut, Lebanon. He graduated from Iraq’s Babel University with a degree in Fine Arts and was taught by the Syrian-German artist Marwan. Baran served as a soldier and war artist in the ‘80s and ‘90s. His work became more expressionist after leaving Iraq in 2005, and he began addressing his own military experience in grotesque, figural abstractions. Baran is considered among the ‘New Generation’ of Iraqi Painters and ‘Fatherland’ is a commentary on the masculine and paternalistic dimensions of political culture in Iraq and the region. he has recently presented a solo exhibition ‘Fatherland’ at  the Iraq Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale. Baran has held eleven solo exhibitions in Jordan, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Japan, and the Dominican Republic and participated in a large number of group exhibitions, including the Cairo Biennial (1999), the Kuwait Biennial (2011) and the Morocco Biennial (2012). Serwan Baran has won several awards, including a Gold Medal at the Plastic Arts Festival in Mahres, Tunisia in 2002. He lives and works between Beirut and Amman.

Salwa Zeidan Gallery

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