Hello, World!

Sarah Al Agroobi

Hello, World!, 2020

Carved, layered acrylic over resin on wood panel



The Park Gallery

United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Price: 16,800 USD

About The Work

A test statement assigned to the development of programmable computers, 'Hello, World!' was the first output / display phrase in programming language. The language became a universal message to when born, the choices that define life are Boolean. The 1s and 0s that are written in one’s essence will determine the capability of a system, the efficiency of a populace and the many stray semicolons that terminate all too soon. The strong staccato vertical marks, embedded in the string of life, contain the codes that run one after the other. A landscape of terrain with sand as an act of resistance, it is defined by the information stored by the former. Should one choose to change the course of life, all binary must work as one. For should we terminate such information too early; we will have no choice but to return zero.

About Sarah Al Agroobi

Over the last few weeks, largely quarantined at her parents home in Sharjah and with a diminishedsupply of materials and studio space, Sarah has produced three small but entrancing paintings oneof which is presented here. Interestingly, in this necessarily smallQuarantinegroup, Sarah’smachine-carving of her layered acrylic paintings has begun to expose small areas of the underlyingresin-coveredpapier-mâchéon which words or letters can just be made out.

The Park Gallery

Founded in 1992 in London, The Park Gallery specialises in Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art, championing the work of artists from this region both in London and at art fairs internationally for over a quarter of a century. The gallery also has expertise in Oriental art and British paintings and prints.

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