Fahd Burki

Progress, 2014

Perspex and lacquered stainless steel



Grey Noise


Price: 15,000 USD

About The Work

Fahd Burki’s on going practise explores the possibilities of presenting ontologies through a lexicon of icons and symbols harvested from a personal mythology of the present. The work ‘Progress’ synthesizes the comical and the archetypal, it can be viewed as contemplation on the desire for an ideal state. The title ‘Progress’ function as a lynchpin for disparate idea, indicating submission to the transient nature of existence, an acceptance of the inevitability of transformation, as well as predictions of what may lie beyond. It seeks to evoke a sense of temporality, engaging idea of transience and permeability, both philosophical and formal, by dissolving various foundational dichotomies — man/environment, culture/nature, and figure/ground.

About Fahd Burki

b. 1981, Lahore, Pakistan / Lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan. Fahd Burki’s work focuses on conveying perceptual and phenomenological experiences through reductive and often diagrammatic compositions; his abstractions are characterized by exercises in repetition, symmetry and alignment. Much of his recent work employs simple geometry and a muted palette with the intention of opening a quiet, contemplative space for the viewer. With an affinity for Hard-edge painting and a paired down sensibility his work points to minimalist practices quite foreign to his place of origin. For Burki, his is not a borrowed aesthetic; it is a gradual process emerging from the need to find some degree of clarity and quietude in a world strained with information. For him each work is a sum of all previous experiences distilled through a particular moment in time. Aware of his positioning as an artist he sees his practise as part of a larger tradition of abstraction that includes aboriginal and indigenous iconography, folk and tribal art as well as science fiction. Butthese influences are never the subject of the work; they simply provide the impulse to start the process while the work largely relies on the moment and material of its making.

Grey Noise

Grey Noise represents art practices with a focus towards contemporaneity, and an emphasis on distinct, often experimental content. Not limiting itself to geographical representation, the gallery exhibits both emerging and established artists who demonstrate a defined conceptual premise in their oeuvre.

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