The Metaphysics of Blush

Wyn-Lyn Tan

The Metaphysics of Blush, 2018

Mixed medium


Sapar Contemporary

United States of America

Price: 13,000 USD

About The Work

Tan’s large-scale canvases are composed of five to nine layers of acrylic wash and are developed horizontally, their ground on the ground. As Tan moves around the canvases, she paints one mark, and after a pause removes the same with a clean brush, the final trace a ‘ghost’ of the relationship between creation and erasure. Reoriented to the wall, Tan’s technical and rhythmic improvisation and the intimacy of her hand are simultaneously revealed.

About Wyn-Lyn Tan

Wyn-Lyn Tan's artistic practice is grounded in painting, and is driven by a fascination with remote natural landscapes and how they connect across time and culture. Trained in traditional Chinese ink painting and Western painting, her work has developed a contemporary visual vocabulary that often straddles between East and West. She considers the journey and an immersive experience of a place as a medium, and much of her work has been based on travels to unfamiliar and distant landscapes in the Northern Hemisphere, in a desire to chase the ephemeral. Her affinity with the North ties in with her Chinese sensibilities, as she finds a resonance in the vastness seen in the North, with the elusive concept of emptiness in Chinese landscape paintings. She is also interested in the nature of spaces, both metaphysical and physical, and their evocative power. In recent years, her interdisciplinary approach has included video and installation, often involving material local to the site and context. Her works can be found in the permanent collection of the Singapore Art Museum, and have been exhibited in Singapore, Finland, Iceland, and China, including the Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing.

Sapar Contemporary

SAPAR Contemporary works with international artists who span three generations and five continents. They engage in global conversations and develop vocabularies that resonate as strongly in Baku, Almaty and Istanbul as they do in New York,Paris and Mexico City. Their artistic practices vary from meditative traditional ink painting to writing programming code; what connects them are the artists’ capacity for empathy, insight, and imagination, their generosity of spirit, as well as the rigor and depth of their studio practice. The gallery program offers a unique lens that is immediate and global, future-oriented and accessible, multi-sensory and immersive. We bring together visual artists and creative minds of other disciplines: scientists, engineers, architects, performers, musicians and perfumers. SAPAR Contemporary also commissions works that are site-specific but infused with sensibilities, materialities and traditions of the artists’ backgrounds.

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