Untitled 167

Tang Haywen

Untitled 167, 1967

Watercolor on paper



HdM Gallery

United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Price: 10,000 EUR

About The Work

Rendered in a few brushstrokes, T'ang Haywen's works are the reflection of the Taoist ideal – of one’s life in complete harmony with the universe. The unpretentious simplicity in Haywen's works came from his unrestrained inner energy and state of calmness. It is intensely personal – Haywen’s works are a testament to his belief that ink painting is the embodiment of energy: dynamic, spontaneous and natural.

About Tang Haywen

Born in 1927 in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Following the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War in 1937 he emigrated to Saigon, Vietnam before moving to Paris in 1947 where he taught himself painting. T’ang Haywen predominantly worked with ink and watercolour on paper as well as painting. His abstract works feature gracious brushstrokes in vibrant colours that recall the strokes of Chinese calligraphy. A contemporary of Zao Wu-Ki and Chu Teh-Chun, he is now recognized as one of the pioneers of Chinese abstraction. Since he passed away in 1991, T’ang Haywen has been widely exhibited in important shows include a travelling retrospective in 1996-1997, which visited the Oceanography Museum of Monaco, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Singapore Museum of Art, Museum of East Asian Art in Germany and the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. In 2002, a solo exhibition of his works was held at the Musée Guimet in Paris.

HdM Gallery

HdM GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery with a special focus on Chinese art. Founded in Beijing by Hadrien de Montferrand in 2009, it opened a second space in Hangzhou in 2013. A third space opened in London in July 2018. Since its inception, the gallery has represented and nurtured the career of numerous Chinese artists such as Lu Chao, Zhu Rixin, Wang Yi, Peng Jian and Li Jingxiong. Since the opening of its London space, it has attempted to broaden the audience of additional Chinese artists with little or no representations abroad such as Yang Yongliang, Ye Linghan and Qian Jiahua. Besides, the gallery has successfully formed partnerships with galleries abroad with the same aim in mind. Thus He An is represented by Galerie Daniel Templon in Paris and Lu Chao is represented by Galerie Nathalie Obadia in Brussels and Paris.

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