Li Bai – Her Envious Beauty

Dongling Wang

Li Bai – Her Envious Beauty, 2015

Ink on Xuan paper mounted as screen




United States of America

Price: 160,000 USD

About The Work

Li Bai-Her Envious Beauty encompasses three panels of calligraphy, mounted onto wood and hinged so create a contemporary folding screen. In recent years Wang Dongling has achieved a new level of freedom of expression in the calligraphic style that is referred to as “luan shu” (chaos script). Although the titles he assigns to his works might derive from poems and texts of the Tang and Song dynasties, any attempt to achieve legibility has been abandoned. Instead, the meaning resides in the unmistakable character of Wang’s calligraphy. Whether nearly filling the sheet of paper or canvas with dense accumulations of brush strokes or less densely applied skeins of strokes of varying degrees of intensity, Wang’s calligraphies are immediately recognizable. In a discussion of this form of calligraphy, critic Gao Shiming has observed that “writing becomes pure trace. Thus the corporality and the gesture of writing becomes the essence. Thus the corporality and the gesture of writing becomes the essence….The calligrapher is so familiar with his materials that it is almost as if he steps aside and the brush moves by itself. He writes spontaneously, without preconceived ideas, each stroke of the brush leaving a mark, while forms emerge randomly, unpremeditated and unrelated to any forms in the visible world.”

About Dongling Wang

Wang Dongling (b. 1945, Jiangsu province, China) is currently a Professor and Director of the Contemporary Calligraphy Research Centre at China Academy of Art. A leading calligrapher with an illustrious career, Wang Dongling has been featured in numerous museum exhibitions internationally, including Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, British Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Art Institute of Chicago. Wang Dongling’s calligraphy public performances have been acclaimed internationally, and have taken place at a number of major institutions. In 2014, the Apple Computer company commissioned Wang Dongling’s monumental calligraphy as a main image feature of the Apple Store in Hangzhou China. In 2016, Apple Computer's new i-Pencil on iPad Pro was launched with Wang's calligraphy.


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