Insect No.11

Hongwei Guo

Insect No.11, 2014

Watercolor on paper




United States of America

Price: 33,000 USD

About Hongwei Guo

Guo Hongwei has achieved wide renown for his mastery of the watercolor technique, culminating in large-scale watercolors depicting objects from the natural world depicted with scrupulous fidelity exhibited in Painting is Collecting I, II, III at Chambers Fine Art in 2012. In these as in his works in other media, the metaphorical associations of the objects he represents have always been of particular importance to him, a way of thinking about the world that reached a climax in his 2014 exhibition, The Great Metaphorist, in which he used as the thematic core of this exhibition the twenty minute drive that he makes several times a day between his house and studio in Beijing. Guo Hongwei's recent oil paintings further narrow his search for the material essence of the objects he depicts. He prepares each brushstroke separately with a unique mixture of varnish and mixed media to portray the particular characteristics of his subject matter, whether it be the cool sheen of corrugated metal, the soft folds of a weathered tablecloth, or translucent crystals.


Established in New York in 2000, Chambers Fine Art is one of the leading galleries in the United States and China to represent a rising generation of Chinese artists who use both traditional and modern art-making techniques to tackle the issues and trends of contemporary Chinese life. With a solid program of solo and group shows, Chambers contributes significantly to the growing understanding and appreciation of contemporary Chinese art. In September 2007, Chambers Fine Art opened an 8,000 square-foot space in Beijing, designed by artist and architect Ai Weiwei, in the Caochangdi art district, to better serve the artists it represents.

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