An Elegant Endeavour_156

Young-Seok Cha

An Elegant Endeavour_156, 2019

Pencil, colour pen and watercolour on Korean mulberry paper



Leehwaik Gallery


Price: 91,000 USD

About The Work

CHA Young-Seok’s serial art, irreducible to simple (object) drawing and accompanying rich draftsmanship, is about much more than formalist excellence. A likely reason for this is that the artist, while trying different subject matter, repeats formal experimentation that is closely connected to his subjectivity. This perhaps explains why his art may appear coincidental at first, but densely accumulates something with deliberation, coming off as attempts based on successive strategic settings. The artwork ‘An Elegant Endeavour_156’ is one of his “Elegant Endeavour” series which describes the fine falcons nesting on and around the trees. It looks like a classical Oriental painting in form of a folding screen, however it is a contemporary painting using simple materials such as pen, pencil and watercolour on Korean mulberry paper.

About Young-Seok Cha

CHA Young-Seok was born in 1976 and currently works and lives in Seoul, South Korea. As one of the most prospected emerging artists in Korea, Cha's work has been exhibited numerous galleries as well as museums such as Kumho Museum of Art, SOMA museum of Art and National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. He also has received awards and grants for emerging artists by the Arts Council in Korea. 'I make my own landscapes trying to remember the bits and pieces of objects that remain familiar to me in my memory. Objects jumbled roughly together: that is the landscape I've seen throughout my life. These images are stored and reorganized in my head, and then they are moved onto the paper where they seem harmonious, natural and calm, as if they had always been there, in that same condition.'

Leehwaik Gallery

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