Monumental Florals No. 11

Longsen Xu

Monumental Florals No. 11, 2018

Ink and colour on paper



Hanart TZ Gallery


Price: 90,000 USD

About The Work

XU Longsen creates his cloudlike “Monumental Floral” by applying hundreds layer of ink and mineral pigment washes. Xu started to work this new body of work from 2018, after his solo exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, to explore further experimental breakthroughs in the style, technique and language of ink painting. The work boldly drawing out a fresh and contemporary spirit from within the still-evolving heart of tradition and classical art.

About Longsen Xu

XU Longsen (b.1956, Shanghai, China). Xu’s powerful “shanshui” (ink-and-brush landscape) paintings are composed from an inimitable blending of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. Through his unique handling of the brush, Xu achieves a fundamental transformation in the nature of brushwork, methodology and artistic conception of ink painting. The imposing grandeur of his landscapes is balanced by a dynamic, untrammelled vitality that infuses both the physical and conceptual realms of the work. Xu breaks out of the traditional confines of both studio space and studio practice, and undertakes the challenge of creating monumental works for architectural spaces, opening up unlimited new possibilities for Chinese landscape painting. This year, from February – June 2018, Xu Longsen was invited by The Art Institute of Chicago, in the exhibition ‘Light of Heaven’ curated by Wang Tao, Xu created an installation of a set of pillars painted with layers of ink wash, along with a number of landscape paintings—many paintings are over 10 meters high.

Hanart TZ Gallery

Hanart TZ Gallery was founded in 1983 with the mission of introducing new Chinese Contemporary art both to the Asia region and internationally. Hanart TZ Gallery has been a pioneer in exploring the Chinese cultural map for over 35 years, and has represented and worked with numerous artists who are now internationally prominent. The gallery has become a magnet for both established and emerging artists from the Greater China areas of Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as the international diaspora.

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