Abstract 10

AlShaikh Idrees

Abstract 10, 2019

Acrylic on canvas



Hafez Gallery

Saudi Arabia

Price: 91,820 AED

About The Work

The artist’s strong connection to his Sudanese heritage influenced the style of his paintings and the selection of his subjects. Featuring a composition of crowded figurative inspired by dance, traditional gatherings, and downtown’s streets; all in search for movement. The rich colours and unique cultural dynamics are captured in the artist’s paintings. His unique brush strokes and particular gestures are a conceptual extension of the themes explored. Enchanted by the beauty of women, the various compositions of their bodies, their traditional dress and movement; the artist focused on capturing their essence through abstraction. Using impressionism rather than realism to execute his large scale paintings; the artist aim is to encapsulate the changing visual impressions of his subjects. The demeanour of the artist’s paintings differ in each work depending on the theme explored; yet one constant commonality in the technical execution of the works; is the artist’s particular use of primary colours to extract the various tones featured in his paintings.

About AlShaikh Idrees

Alshaikh Idrees was born in Khartoum, Sudan in 1956. He currently lives and works in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Art from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts in Khartoum, Sudan in 1978. Idrees is a visual artist and painter, using his brush to capture the essence of his subjects, whether be it the busy streets of the city, the daily movements, the public space or its rhythms. The artist’s artworks consist of large-scale paintings using mainly acrylics on canvas. The artist is a member in many artistic societies, such as; the Union of Fine Artists, the Saudi Culture and Arts Association, and the House of Fine Artists. Idrees had sixteen solo exhibitions, and more than a hundred group shows, including ‘Shara’ Art Fair at Hafez Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (2018). He curated the Okaz Market art prize in Saudi Arabia (2013). Moreover, he taught various artistic courses and participated in many workshops. In addition, his artworks have been collected both locally and internationally.

Hafez Gallery

Hafez Gallery was founded in 2014 in the city of Jeddah. We exhibit art from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. And we seek to share our art and culture in local and foreign forums. Going forward, we pledge to reinvest our profits fully into our cultural and educational programs.

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