Rashed AlShashai

Shortcut, 2015

Acrylic and LED light

Edition 5/8



Hafez Gallery

Saudi Arabia

Price: 51,405 AED

About The Work

The road towards all good things is straight and clear. Any aware person can realize this without having to apply all the sentiments that can be found within myriad Islamic books and publications, authored in different times and circumstances. In fact, blind application of these sentiments can lead towards negative views and harmful decision making. Instead, we must evaluate what is truly good and positive, and work towards it.

About Rashed AlShashai

Saudi artist Rashed Al Shashai utilizes found objects and appropriated imagery as conceptual means of identifying the signs of the everyday, creating what he describes as a ‘semantic field’ through which philosophical questions, primarily the purpose of human existence and the functions of society, can be explored. With playful forms, Al Shashai seeks to engage viewers with the signifiers of the mundane in order to facilitate a consideration of what might otherwise create tension. Born in Al Baha, Saudi Arabia, in 1977, holds a Master of Visual Arts degree and is a prominent figure of the contemporary Saudi art scene. As a conceptual artist and arts educator, has been influential to a new generation of Saudi talent while also nurturing local artistic practices as a founding member of the Saudi Arabia Fine Arts society and the Art Education Society.

Hafez Gallery

Hafez Gallery was founded in 2014 in the city of Jeddah. We exhibit art from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. And we seek to share our art and culture in local and foreign forums. Going forward, we pledge to reinvest our profits fully into our cultural and educational programs.

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