La Famille - Multicolor, 2016

Jamal Al Suwaidi

La Famille - Multicolor, 2016, 0

Painted fiberglass

Edition of 5 +2AP



Etihad Modern Art Gallery


Price: 37,000 AED

About The Work

Titled “La Famille”, this work is comprised of three letters in simple arrangements and lacking any decorative or dynamic flourishes. The artist tried to use his most important bases in this work, to be in the local environment, employing beauty, simplicity, and forming an intelligible shape. The red letter is a representation of love, Mother and care, yellow represent daughter and son, it is also a representation of freshness, clarity and energy. The blue letter is created by the artist under a form of boat and represents the father sailing with all the family in the life and it is the base on which the whole family stays protected.

About Jamal Al Suwaidi

The major concern for Jamal Habroush Al Suwaidi stems from his relationship with the local environment of UAE, and what it comprises from both historical stereotactic notions, and concepts arising from change and prosper. In both dimensions, the artist works upon the significant idea and its endless innovations, along with his invoke on the perspective illustration by describing major aesthetic level for the awaited artistic corollary. Thus, he paves the way towards the anthropomorphism expressionism, and uniformed abstraction for the heritage of artistic elements that is visualized in its own beauty, outlined excellently as having its own contemporary value.

Etihad Modern Art Gallery

Founded in 2013 in Abu Dhabi, EMAG organises significant art shows and local heritage exhibitions, creating bonds with the international art scene and with international academic institutions. In December 2016, EMAG was the first ever privately-funded gallery from the UAE to host a large-scale exhibition in Berlin, the art capital of Europe. The “Art Nomads: Made in Emirates” exhibition announced the arrival of Emirati artists in the international art world with numerous excellent reviews in German and international media, including Harper’s Bazaar magazine. In 2017, EMAG continued to promote leading Emirati and UAE-based international artists though its participation in art fairs around the world.

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