Try to Catch the Moon

Amir Khojasteh

Try to Catch the Moon, 2020

Oil on canvas



Carbon 12


Price available upon request

About The Work

Amir Khojasteh’s sweeping, gestural swathes of colour portray a visually striking rendition of a man mounting a horse. Based off and inspired by Jacques Louis-David’s painting, titled ‘Napoleon Crossing The Alpes’, Khojasteh’s painting playfully explores the powerful influence of the artwork as a means of propaganda.

About Amir Khojasteh

Depicting fantastic expressive pictures and portraits, he is playing with the concept of fear and fear- maker. The artist is mostly inspired by the political condition of the Middle East, specifically Iran, and happenings around the world which have a dramatic impact on people’s life. Khojasteh plays with the idea of violence and power, dictatorship and sacredness of fear, and represents it through fantasy, dark humor and expressive painterly style simultaneously. He also refers to art history, popular culture and his personal life in his works. Born in 1988 in Iran Lives and works in Iran

Carbon 12

Carbon 12 was established in 2008, initiating a comprehensive, firmly global, program of institution-grade artists. Internationally active, Carbon 12 continuously introduces and promotes both established and emerging artists to the UAE contemporary art scene, supplementing its 5-6 annual exhibitions with diverse contextual activities including publications and talks that actively engage the public and educational institutions. The playful, organic process that constitutes the creative production of Carbon 12’s artist base is facilitated and mirrored by its location in Al Quoz.

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