Untitled 27

Mohammed Monaiseer

Untitled 27 , 2018





Saudi Arabia

Price: 9,445 USD

About The Work

In the language of mythology and religion, Barzakh is what separates life after death and before resurrection, as the barrier between the physical and spiritual worlds. In other interpretations it is a grave as a final ending. As a term designating a state of severance it is rich with multiple connotations, used in geography describing what splits the sweet rivers from the salty seas, to the dream which separates sleep from vigilance and the soul from body and mind... This disjunction though allows for foreign elements to surface, challenging the very own mechanism of this concept and creating a link between all. Barzakh allows then transit, like a mirror between the body and its image.

About Mohammed Monaiseer

(b. Cairo, Egpyt 1989) gives body and form to immaterial phenomena with works of drawing and painting. He has exhibited in many galleries and culture spaces throughout Egypt, and was a prizewinner in the 25th Youth Salon at the Cairo Opera House. He has presented solo exhibitions at Gezira Art Center (2013) and Safarkhan Gallery (2014) in Cairo. In 2015, his work was featured in a group exhibition in Stockholm and a travelling exhibition in Europe and the US. Monaiseer earned his degree in Educational Art from Cairo University in 2010, and is currently completing his Master’s degree at the same university.


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