Louis Cane

Born in 1943, Beaulieu sur Mer, France. Lives and works in Paris, France. ike Jean Cocteau's "Beast", Louis Cane is the prisoner of a magical punishment: the tenderness and generosity of the man behind the Beast remains unperceived. Since the 1960s, Louis Cane has had a monstrous career. He began by ravaging the picture, destroying the stretcher and lacerating the canvas to arrive at the Sol/Mur series. Then the ogre began devouring the Old Masters by thrashing all the various styles, from baroque to japonisme via expressionism and Pop. Even the giant that was Picasso never dared embark on such disturbing subjects as the "women playing at doctor", and nor look squarely at the terrors of childbirth. As Louis Cane declares: "to paint these pictures, you need a great deal of maturity and be in excellent mental health".