Youssef Nabil

Born in Egypt in 1972 and based between New York and Paris, Youssef Nabil grew up in a Cairo drenched in the golden age cinema of Hollywood on the Nile: a black and white film world in which he nostalgically recalls the glamour, the ease, the elegance and the melodrama. His photos evoke the deliciously outmoded feel of the photo-novels that accompanied cinema at the time and highlight in each portrait the extraordinary character of his models, distinguished artists, actors, and friends and himself in his series of self-portraits. Three monographs have been published on Youssef’ work –Sleep in My Arms (Autograph ABP and Michael Stevenson, 2007), I won't let you die (Hatje Cantz, 2008) and most recently, a self-titled monograph Youssef Nabil published by Flammarion (2013). In 2010, the artist known for his work combining photography and painting presented his first film You Never Left, an 8-minute piece with the actors Fanny Ardant and Tahar Rahim. In 2015 he showcased his second film called I Saved My Belly Dancer, a 12-minutes piece featuring Salma Hayek and Tahar Ramin.