Hussain  Sharif

Hussain Sharif was born in 1961 in Dubai, UAE. He studied at the High Institute of Kuwait and graduated with a degree in theatre design in 1986. He then took on the post of Head designer at Sharjah TV and began exhibiting his artworks in the UAE. Sharif’s creations represent a form of expression in which methodical, forceful and obstinate will for reducing the creative tension is taken to the limit of the physically defined “object”. He is the founder of the Emirates Fine Arts Society, together with his brother Hassan Sharif. During the course of his rich career, he took part in over 40 solo and collective shows and 7 international art fairs. “I believe that artist should not simply search for old materials used many years before, and use them as means of identity. The change which started in our society in mid-seventies is very violent and rapid, and it is happening on all the levels. In my recycled artwork, Cars, I used cups, plastic bottles and metal cans. The streets of our cities are really crowded with materials, and the sanctity of any kind of individual material is lost. I like to recycle my art.”