Khaled Zaki

b. 1964 Suez, Egypt, Khaled Zaki lives and works between Cairo and Pietrasanta, Italy. Known for his pivotal role in shaping modernist sculpture in Egypt, Khaled Zaki’s works, typically in bronze and stone, glide between abstract and figurative forms. Zaki holds a Masters in Restoration from the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University. He studied Sculpture at the Al Khonaini Museum of Art, Giza, Egypt before moving to Italy in 1988 to train in the use of stone and bronze in the studios and workshops of Pietrasanta. Drawing inspiration from Egyptian and Arab culture his output explores messages of human emotion and expectation with such seminal works as Resurrection (2017), a series inspired by the shrapnel lining the streets of post-revolution Egypt and the social impact of terrorism on his country.