Fahd Burki

b. 1981, Lahore, Pakistan / Lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan. Fahd Burki’s work focuses on conveying perceptual and phenomenological experiences through reductive and often diagrammatic compositions; his abstractions are characterized by exercises in repetition, symmetry and alignment. Much of his recent work employs simple geometry and a muted palette with the intention of opening a quiet, contemplative space for the viewer. With an affinity for Hard-edge painting and a paired down sensibility his work points to minimalist practices quite foreign to his place of origin. For Burki, his is not a borrowed aesthetic; it is a gradual process emerging from the need to find some degree of clarity and quietude in a world strained with information. For him each work is a sum of all previous experiences distilled through a particular moment in time. Aware of his positioning as an artist he sees his practise as part of a larger tradition of abstraction that includes aboriginal and indigenous iconography, folk and tribal art as well as science fiction. Butthese influences are never the subject of the work; they simply provide the impulse to start the process while the work largely relies on the moment and material of its making.