Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim

Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim (b. 1962, UAE) is part of the UAE's first generation of contemporary artists from the 1990s and 2000s, an avant-garde that included Hassan Sharif, Abdullah Al Saadi, Hussein Sharif, and Mohammed Kazem. Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim came of age as an artist in the UAE in an era in which the visual arts were not yet valued culturally or taught in university degree programs. In 1986 when he met the late artist Hassan Sharif and became a founding member of the Emirates Fine Art Society, Ibrahim was pulled out of a secluded practice and carved out unshakable friendships and collaborations that have formed the foundation for the creative community that defines the UAE today. Ibrahim's recent solo exhibitions include The Space between the Eyelid and the Eyeball, Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai (2019); Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim, Solo Show (2018), Primordial II, (2016), Turab (2015) and Primordial (2013) all at Cuadro, Dubai. In March 2018 Elements, a survey of works spanning three decades of his practice was presented at the Sharjah Art Foundation, curated by Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi.