Ali Bellagha

Born in Tunis in 1924 and died on May 2006 in Tunis, Bellagha is a draftsman, painter and engraver. He is a member of the artistic movement of the School of Tunis. Coming from an old family of artisans in the medina of Tunis, he left for Paris and then, he studied at the Institute of Higher Studies of Fine Arts of Tunis. In 1953, he organized his first solo exhibition before exhibiting regularly in Tunis and abroad. From 1956, he taught drawing at Sadiki College for four years. In the 1960s, with his wife Jacqueline Guilbert, he opened a gallery of art, antiques and creations, "Les Métiers", located in the center of Tunis. He has a modernist approach to the development of art professions. In an effort to revalue the Arab-Muslim heritage, he gives it modern accents, including the use of wood that he works to create compositions of still lifes. In 2003, he received the national prize for the visual arts. In 2006, he is the guest of honor at the Handicrafts Fair in Tunis.