2017 Art + Technology

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Art + Technology is a collaboration between Khalifa University and Abu Dhabi Art.  The initiative first launched in 2017 and brings leading artists together with students from the university, for a series of workshops that explore ways of making art through the use of technology.

Abu Dhabi Art 2017 Art + Technology Workshops:

1.       Feng Mengbo:

In this workshop, students created an artwork that combined real-time electronic music and visual images using oscilloscope or laser generator projection. The artist shared his methodology which creates meditation through an electronic art form.

2.       Magdi Mostafa:

The artist worked with the students to build a circuit exploring sound production. At the end of the workshop, the students created a group sound piece. Magdi Mostafa introduced the students to sound as an art medium that contemporary artists use in their work.

3.       Random International:

This artist led workshop gave the students an opportunity to create an interactive artwork using technology and dry ice. In addition, the students were able to create prints on canvas which were then exhibited at Abu Dhabi Art 2017 in Manarat Al Saadiyat.

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