Bringing art to the public arena, Abu Dhabi Art provides a platform for commissioned installations as part of the Beyond programme and collaborates with partners to bring commissioned projects to different locations in Abu Dhabi.

Beyond: Emerging Artists

An annual initiative since 2017 that aims to provide three emerging artists in the UAE with a platform from which to develop their practice and realise ambitious art projects. The selected artists are chosen by a guest curator each year. They undertake a year-long programme of workshops and studio visits under the mentoring and the supervision of the curator which leads toward the realisation of a project for the Abu Dhabi Art fair in November. The works remain on exhibition to the public for several months beyond the fair dates.

Beyond: Artist Commissions

Launched in 2017. Each year, Abu Dhabi Art invites three established and well-known artists to create site-specific works in historic sites in Al Ain and the wider Abu Dhabi emirate, to activate these sites and draw new audiences to them. The works created by the commissioned artists are revealed during Abu Dhabi Art and remain on show to the public for several months afterwards.

Public Art

Abu Dhabi Art collaborates with corporate partners to bring commissioned permanent public art to Abu Dhabi Emirate.