2010 Talks

  • Abu Dhabi Art 2010 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2010 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2010 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2010 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2010 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2010 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2010 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2010 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2010 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2010 Talks
  • Abu Dhabi Art 2010 Talks

Dates:  04 - 07 November 2010
Venue: Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE



Abu Dhabi Art Talks were designed to generate the exchange of ideas and to inspire and educate. As well as the Talking Art events listed below, Abu Dhabi Art 2010 also included a conversation with Emilia Kabakov, and discussions based on the exhibitions "RSTW - from the Private Collection of Larry Gagosian" and "Opening the Doors: Collecting Middle Eastern Art'".



Presented by Abu Dhabi Art and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

'Representing History Now' addressed key questions related to the production and interpretation of contemporary art. What were the assumptions that influenced our understanding of the work of art, and what visual forms and aesthetic strategies were considered to be valid within a particular cultural and historic context? With contributions from internationally respected artists and thinkers from Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan and the US, 'Representing History Now' signals the ambitions of the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi to offer a global and transnational perspective on contemporary art and culture.


  • Lara Baladi
  • Iftikhar Dadi
  • Mary Kelly
  • Akram Zaatari

Moderated by Suzanne Cotter, Curator, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Project




Presented by Abu Dhabi Art and Louvre Abu Dhabi

This debate addressed the central question of the status and function of masterpieces in the creation of the future Louvre Abu Dhabi. This theme, which sheds light on the museum's innovative museography, will also cover the stakes involved in the creation of a collection for a universal museum in the early 21st century.


Talking Art: Emilia Kabakov in conversation with HE Omar Saif Ghobash

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov are two Russian-born artists currently based in the United States. Through their collaborations they converted environments using elements from the everyday and merging them with the conceptual. Their works signify the social and cultural context they were brought up with, however they are also able to take this context and achieve a universal magnitude.

HE Omar Saif Ghobash conversed with Emilia Kabakov about the Kabakovs' work, their collaboration and their views on space-oriented art.


  • HE Omar Saif Ghobash
  • Emilia Kabakov



Talking Art: Abdulnasser Gharem and James Clar

James Clar and Abdulnasser Gharem discussed individuality, nationalism and popular culture and the other themes that have influenced their show at Abu Dhabi Art. Clar and Gharem come from contrasting backgrounds, with Clar an American living in Dubai and Gharem a Lieutenant Colonel in the Saudi Arabian Army, living in his home country.


  • James Clar
  • Abdulnasser Gharem




Abu Dhabi Art's comprehensive programme of panels gained from the presence and expertise of renowned artists, art dealers, art collectors and designers gathered in Abu Dhabi from all over the world. Creating the opportunity for sharing ideas and opinions, the panels are private conversations in public, allowing audiences to listen in on conversations between figures at the forefront of the art world.


Talking Design

A panel discussion with Khatt Foundation, Khalid Mezaina, Formafantasma, Unfold and Estudio Campana

What are the ingredients required to stimulate a strong design identity? The Middle East has led the world in terms of architecture and the decorative arts. What is the state of design in the UAE today, and is the rise of a new era of design imminent in the region?

Participating panelists the Campana brothers has compared their experience as prime instigators of Brazil's design scene with fellow designers Khatt Foundation, Khalid Mezaina, Formafantasma and Unfold speaking about their contributions through design in their specific environments, while moderator Marcus Fairs will ask whether the vibrant design cultures that have emerged recently in countries including the Netherlands and the UK will also gain momentum in the Middle East.



Talking Art: The Auction House

A panel discussion with representatives from Artcurial, Bonhams, Sotheb/s and Christie's, moderated by Anna Somers Cocks.

The panel tackled a range of topical issues including how auction houses can affect the art market, whether galleries view auction houses as friends or rivals, plus a look at the future risks and opportunities auctioneers face. Questions to interest art collectors are also addressed - for example, what personalised services do auction houses offer buyers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling at auction? Finally, the panel surveys the h!storyof artauctions in the Middie East to assess their impact on awareness of art, artists and the art market.


Art from Iraq and Iran?

On the occasion of the publication of Dia AI-Azzawi: Retrospective and Parviz Tanavoli: Monograph by Meem Editions, the artists Dia Azzawi and Parviz Tanavoli discussed modern and contemporary art in the region with Dr. Shiva Balaghi, Brown University and Dr. Nada Shabout, University of North Texas. The conversation was moderated by Philip Kennedy, Faculty Director, New York University Abu Dhabi Institute.


  • Dia Azzawi
  • Parviz Tanavoli
  • Dr. Shiva Balaghi, Brown University and 
  • Dr. Nada Shabout, University of North Texas

Moderated by Philip Kennedy, Faculty Director, New York University Abu Dhabi Institute.


Talking Art: The Gallery

A discussion focused on the intellectual side of the art dealers, the risks they took in the eternal search to discover new talent, the definition of new aesthetics, and the relationship between the art dealer and the artist.


  • Jay Jopling, Thaddaeus Ropac,
  • David Zwirner, Hanart TZ, Hong Kong
  • Chang Tsong-Zung, Hanart TZ, Hong Kong
  • Saleh Barakat, Agial Gallery, Beirut

Moderated  by Sarah Thornton, writer of Seven Days in the Art World



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