Ammar Al Attar

  • Textures of Nature, 2018
  • Textures of Nature, 2018
  • Textures of Nature, 2018

Ammar Al Attar

Texture of Nature, 2018

40 photographs

Van Dyke print

23 x 28 cm each

Courtesy of Ammar Al Attar and Cuadro Fine Art Gallery


Location:  Qasr Al Muwaiji


Artwork Concept: 

“In my work, I usually stop viewers and draw their attention to details they don’t normally notice in their daily life. When they see my work, they begin to notice previously unobserved details and realize that there were moments or scenes that they were either too busy to notice, or so used to seeing, that they unconsciously ignored them.

An inspiration for my work is that, from childhood, we have come to associate Al Ain City with nature and oases, so I have tried to photograph multi-surface natural objects in Al Ain, such as trees, water in the farms, fossils and various kinds of animals. The photographs include close-ups and abstract views, to depict the texture and surfaces of nature. The prints you see have been done using a historic photographic process known as the Van Dyke Brown process, which dates back to the 19th century.” Ammar Al Attar



Ammar Al Attar is a photographer and mixed media artist. Completely self-taught, Al Attar’s practice seeks not only to document and translate, but also to methodically research and examine aspects of Emirati ritual, material culture and geographic orientation that are increasingly illusive in his rapidly globalising society.

His work has been increasingly shown in solo and group exhibitions in the UAE and the Gulf region, has been recognised with an A.i.R residency and various prizes, and is held in prestigious public and private collections throughout the Middle East. He is represented by Cuadro Gallery in Dubai.