White. Arab Capitals, 2015-2016

Cristiana de Marchi

White. Arab Capitals, 2015-2016, 2016

Hand embroidery on canvas

Set of 22



1x1 Art Gallery


Price: 45,000 USD

About The Work

The series focuses on the capital cities of the 22 Arab countries, through the use of a monochromatic restitution of their urban landscape. By adopting a technique that allows smooth transitions, the work focuses on the distinction between public and private spaces, a distinction that in its tenuousness ultimately raises issues of control and of systems of governance, particularly in a region where the definition of the private sphere is often overshadowed by that of public and power at large.

About Cristiana de Marchi

(born in Italy, lives and works in Beirut and Dubai) is an artist and a writer who explores (through performance, video, and installations of embroidered objects and tapestries) issues related to verbalization and translation, to the correspondence between physical and nominal dimensions. Some of her themes are the use of languages in propaganda, the transition between ‘territories’ and contexts and the redefinition of memory and identity. She was artist in residence at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia,USA. Her work has been shown in India, Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Spain, UK, UAE and USA.

1x1 Art Gallery

1x1 Art Gallery founded by Malini Gulrajani in 1996, is based in a 7500 sq. ft. warehouse space in Alserkal Avenue in Dubai. As an important platform for both established and emerging artists, 1x1 supports its program through structured collaborations with local and international galleries, art fairs, and museums as well as with independent curators and art organizations. Publications form an integral part of 1x1’s program, both documenting its exhibitions and promoting partnerships with art writers and cultural activators. In the last few years, 1x1's exhibition schedule has witnessed an active inclusion of Emirati and Middle East based artists, thus embracing an idea of collaborative projects and initiatives with a predominantly cultural orientation. The gallery comprises of multiple areas to include two large exhibition spaces, a viewing room and an edition shop.

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