China, Bali Mosque

Reem  Al Faisal

China, Bali Mosque, 2011


Edition 3/9



Salwa Zeidan Gallery


Price: 9,000 USD

About Reem  Al Faisal

Graduated from Manarat High School in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Studied Arabic Literature in King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Left to pursue a photographic career in Paris, France; Studied Photography in Speos School in Paris, France. "I like to define myself as a Muslim artist, sprung from my native Saudi culture and history. In my art I am seeking to show signs of the Divine in nature and in Man. For me, light is one of the many manifestations of God. Which He casts in our path through life to remind us of His constant presence in ourselves and in every place. Every photograph is a pattern of light and shade. For me, my photography is a way to praise God's glory in the universe." (Reem Al Faisal)

Salwa Zeidan Gallery

Founded in 1994 in Abu Dhabi, Salwa Zeidan Gallery specialises in Contemporary art, representing established and emerging artists from around the globe. The gallery features works in a variety of mediums from paintings, photography and sculptures to installation and performance art.

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