Palace - Mini

Huang Yishan

Palace - Mini, 2019

Intergrated materials on board



Tang Contemporary Art


Price: 8,200 USD

About The Work

The tone of Huang Yishan’s (b. 1983, China) works is rigorous and the image structure is meticulously calculated and arranged - the seemingly scenes of museums and palaces are always arranged in the matrix-like frame. It is similar to the state of weightlessness and compression, and the figures and painting in the painting show the tininess and nervousness of being squeezed in such a mysterious hollowness. The delicately depicted textures and objects in daily life become the central element of his creation.

About Huang Yishan

b.1983, Guangdong, China Huang Yishan gained M.A. degree in the Oil Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2009. Huang‘s solo exhibitions include Interference: Artworks of Huang Yishan, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, Guangdong (2019); Huang Yishan, The 2nd space of Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing (2019); MiniQ, O2ART SPACE, Beijing (2018); Dimension Imitation Transformation, Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Kong (2017); The Half-open Door, Central Habourfront, Hong Kong (2016); Blue Sky, Fei Gallery, Guangzhou (2015); Not an investigation and research of physical things Antimetaphysical space narrative, Tong Space, Beijing (2013); Huang 's works have been collected by notable public and private collections. Including Australia White Rabbit Gallery, Guangdong Museum of Art, Hubei Museum of Art, He Xiangning Art Museum, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Art etc.

Tang Contemporary Art

Tang Contemporary was established in 1997 in Bangkok, and now holds four exhibition spaces in Bangkok, Beijing and Hong Kong. Tang Contemporary is fully committed to producing new projects that promote Contemporary Chinese and Southeast Asian art regionally and worldwide, and to encourage a dynamic exchange between Asian artists and those abroad. With their largest space in Beijing’s iconic 798 Art District, and as one of the most progressive and critically-driven exhibition spaces in China, the gallery strives to initiate dialogue between artists, curators, collectors and institutions working both locally and internationally.

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