Valley of Mount Song

Yin Zhaoyang

Valley of Mount Song, 2019

Oil on canvas



Tang Contemporary Art


Price: 70,500 USD

About The Work

Yin diligently referenced ancient Chinese literati paintings, and studied the Impressionism and Expressionism in the West. The result is a language of painting which is full of essence of both Orientalism and Western modernism. Atmospheric grandeur is a visual attribute that is naturally given to Song Mountain, the magnificent landscape also internalized into the thick color layer in Yin Zhaoyang's works.

About Yin Zhaoyang

b.1970, Nanyang, Henan Province, China Yin Zhaoyang graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1996. He currently lives and works in Beijing. Represented by Yin Zhaoyang and other artists, “Cruelty of Youth Paintings” in the late 1990s have added to this category an experimental dimension and enhanced its depth of thinking in terms of narrativity, pictorial concept and aesthetic taste, constituting a major tendency in avant-garde painting of a decade. In his later series of works such as “Myth”, “Utopia”, “Façade”, through in-depth internal inquiry and complex yet profound language exploration, he completed the transformation from experiencing the sensitive youth to a deeper spiritual world and became an important representative of China's "new painting". Since 2011, Yin Zhaoyang has turned to a "spiritual landscape" with a strong personal temperament, a keen contemporary perspective, and a profound tradition. With a magnificent and pure painting language, he has developed a new scope of painting that includes both personal and social, historical and present landscape.

Tang Contemporary Art

Tang Contemporary was established in 1997 in Bangkok, and now holds four exhibition spaces in Bangkok, Beijing and Hong Kong. Tang Contemporary is fully committed to producing new projects that promote Contemporary Chinese and Southeast Asian art regionally and worldwide, and to encourage a dynamic exchange between Asian artists and those abroad. With their largest space in Beijing’s iconic 798 Art District, and as one of the most progressive and critically-driven exhibition spaces in China, the gallery strives to initiate dialogue between artists, curators, collectors and institutions working both locally and internationally.

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