Govinda Sah Azad

Matter/Nothing/Matter, 2015

Mixed media on canvas



October Gallery

United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Price: 18,000 USD

About The Work

Govinda Sah ascribes his fascination with mountains, clouds and the spectacular natural phenomena of inner and outer landscapes to the cultural milieu of his birthplace in eastern Nepal, within sight of the towering Everest to the north. Trained in both eastern and western artistic traditions, Sah’s complex canvases transport the viewer to an abstract world of advanced physics, where unimaginable forces collide with metaphysical realities, providing visionary glimpses of super-nova explosions and the birth of stars within cloud fields lost in intergalactic space. Sah’s paintings portray the centrifugal energies of an expanding universe still accelerating away from the primal singularity of that ancient Big Bang. In the middle of it all, an equally unknowable mix of energies shapes forces that exist at the centre of human consciousness. Sah works by building up layer upon detailed layer of oil and acrylic paints, until the surface becomes so saturated that hidden details appear from within the textured layers. What most surprises the western mind is how, beginning from a traditional base of eastern metaphysical speculation, Sah so effortlessly arrives at realisations on a par with the latest formulations of contemporary western science. His disarming response comes with a ready smile, “It’s not really all that surprising. Where I come from, we’ve been thinking about these things for a very long time!”

About Govinda Sah Azad

(Born in 1974, in Rajbiraj, Nepal. Lives and works in Margate, UK.) Effortlessly balancing traditional eastern metaphysical insights about the nature of reality with visual realisations that are in accord with the latest formulations of contemporary western science, Govinda Sah ‘Azad’ imagines a cosmos of boundless possibilities. From an early age, he was interested in drawing and sculpture. He left Nepal to live in India and from 1991-94, worked as a signboard and wall painter in Delhi. In 1995, he returned to Kathmandu and joined the Fine Art College to realise his dream of becoming a painter. During his studies, he participated in several group exhibitions, which resulted in a first solo exhibition in 1999. Professor and Campus Chief of the Fine Art College and prominent artist, Govinda Dongol, dubbed Govinda Sah, ‘Lion Heart’. He joined the MA Fine Art course in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2006, but soon thereafter acquired sponsorship and moved to London to study. Govinda obtained a MA in Fine Art from Wimbledon College of Art in 2008. His first solo exhibition, Transcriptions, was held at October Gallery in 2011. In 2012, his work was included in the Summer Exhibition Royal Academy of Arts, London. In 2013, October Gallery held his second solo show Lightness of Being and Tibet House, New York, USA presented the solo exhibition, The Universe Within. Boundless Possibilities (2016) was his third individual exhibition at October Gallery. Govinda Sah’s works can be found in public and private collections worldwide including major collections such as the Royal Collection, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

October Gallery

Founded in 1979, October Gallery was one of the first galleries in the United Kingdom to present contemporary art from around the globe with the aim of promoting the Transvangarde, the transcultural avant-garde. October Gallery has provided a launching pad for the emergence of some of the most innovative and exciting artists of our time and continues to provide a nexus for cultural exchange in the heart of London.

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