Between the Lines

mounir fatmi

Between the Lines, 2010

Saw blade in steel


Officine dell'Immagine


Price: 125,000 USD

About The Work

A circular saw blade of impressive dimensions with large sharp teeth, Between the Lines is decorated on its surface with calligraphic motifs of classical Arabic writing, cut with precision out of polished steel with gleaming reflections. The stylized writing refers to surah 112 of the Koran, entitled "Al-Ilkhlas" (“The Purification”), which affirms the transcendence of God (Al-Tawhid) and evokes the testimony of the believer: “Say: ‘He, Allah, the only one / Allah the luminous / He bears no child and is not born / He has no equal!’” Between the Lines questions the mystical or religious notions of the unity and uniqueness of god: the work studies the meaning of these tawhids or dogmas, observes the way they function and evokes their effects. More broadly, and following a similar approach to that of Paradox (2013), The Modern Times (2010) or The Day of Awakening (2011), different installations and sculptures that also resort to circular blades and calligraphic writing cut out of metal, Between the Lines explores the relation between language, religion and critical thought. The expression designating the piece, with both its literal and figurative meanings, seems to call upon the viewer’s cognitive and linguistic capacities. It beckons him to read “between the lines”, to guess significations that are not formulated in an explicit way.

About mounir fatmi

Born 1970, Tangier, Morocco, lives and works between Paris, Lille and Tangier. Mounir Fatmi constructs visual spaces and linguistic games. His work deals with the desecration of religious objects, deconstruction and the end of dogmas and ideologies. He questions the world and plays with its codes and precepts under the prism of architecture, language and the machine. He is particularly interested in the idea of the role of the artist in a society in crisis. His videos, installations, drawings, paintings and sculptures bring to light our doubts, fears and desires. They directly address the current events of our world, and speak to those whose lives are affected by specific events and reveals its structure. Fatmi's work offers a look at the world from a different glance, refusing to be blinded by convention.

Officine dell'Immagine

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