Gohar Dashti

Stateless, 2015

Archival digital pigment print



Officine dell'Immagine


Price: 12,000 USD

About The Work

In her series "Stateless", Gohar Dashti explores the boundaries between our inner world and our social vision, in relation to a balance (or imbalance) with nature. This is a natural world which certainly seduces us with its great beauty, but which chiefly acts as the "silent witness" to a picture of lives marked by suffering. Although we are initially stunned by the beauty of the surrounding landscape - the desert island of Qeshm, an Iranian territory overlooking the Persian Gulf - once this initial impression is past, the artist invites us to form a reappraisal, making us aware of an underlying restlessness. The subjects in the photo do not seem comfortable in this pristine environment; they seem inexplicably alien to the place they inhabit, almost exposed to a certain vulnerability. Their eyes reflect fright and suffering, as if they are disfigured by hidden scars. Like fragments of disjointed stories, which interrelate without overlapping, these photos depict an archive of broken memories that interrupt the narrative, fracturing our perception.

About Gohar Dashti

Having distinguished herself in recent years with exhibitions at prestigious international Museums such as the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, the Kadist Art Foundation in Paris, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, Gohar Dashti is reconfirmed as one of the leading lights of contemporary Middle Eastern photography. Always attentive to comparisons with socio-cultural, identity, behavioural and geopolitical issues which affect current cultural history, Gohar Dashti translates into her art the precariousness of a historical moment marked by the sense of eradication, a lack of communication between people and the need for belonging. The creative approach of this young photographer reveals an authentic and emotional essentiality that brings human vulnerabilities to the fore. This takes place through a lexical sophistication that is strictly wedded to implicit autobiographical connotations, and a bold and incisive creative symmetry, where the aesthetics of allegory are a constant focal element.

Officine dell'Immagine

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