A Profound Space

Duck-Yong Kim

A Profound Space, 2020

Mixed media on wood (charcoal, mother of pearl)



Leehwaik Gallery


Price: 78,000 USD

About The Work

The artist recently focuses more into nature landscape using the material of wood, mother-of-pearl, lacquer and charcoal etc. The artwork ‘A profound space’ contains the spectacle shining stars (fragments of the mother-of-pearl) on the deep dark sky (charcoal on wood). And from the ‘Landscape – Scenery from the nature’, the blue sea expressed by the pieces of mother-of-pearl blends in with the structure of wood which applies the ‘borrowed scenery’;the principle of incorporating background landscape into the composition of a garden found in traditional East Asian garden design.

About Duck-Yong Kim

KIM Duck-Yong is an artist whose style is very much Korean yet international at the same time. Following the tradition of oriental paintings, he uses old wood as his canvas. The resulting works are living objects that convey nature’s warmth. The artist completes the work by placing the picture or object onto or within a cross-shaped frame made with great delicacy; within this process, the artist’s touch closely resembles a tree’s growth rings, which gradually increase over time. Kim’s work involves nameless people who nonetheless may remain deeply within the spectator’s memory. Presented with warm, old-fashioned grace, the people in his pictures are comparable to those we might come across in old photo albums when we reminiscence about our past. The artist’s support, possibly taken from an ancient house or a piece of antique furniture, connotes the passage of time and narrative by its mere existence.

Leehwaik Gallery

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