Zik-Seong Jeong

202020, 2020

Mother-of-pearl, hemp cloth on wood and natural lacquer



Leehwaik Gallery


Price: 96,000 USD

About The Work

The artist JEONG Zik-Seong has been inspired by the nature while staying at Jeju Island surrounded by a beautiful scenery. The recent artwork ‘202001’ expresses the waves of the rolling sea and ‘202010’ visualizes the flower blossoms at night by traditional perspective and technique using mother-of-pearl, hemp cloth on wood and natural lacquer.

About Zik-Seong Jeong

Born in 1976, Seoul, JEONG Zik-Seong majored in painting at Seoul National University, achieving a master’s degree. In 2012, she has received the ‘Artist of the day award’, as a young artist led by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, she was perceived as a young Korean artist with talent and seized constant attention from the foreign art markets, as well as critics. In the beginning, she paralleled her works of photography with installations. But she gradually started to focus on paintings, and went beyond panoramic city landscapes and went through creative affiliations of ‘Magic realism’, and further continued on with nature as her subject. She held solo and group exhibitions in prominent art spaces of Seoul Museum of Art and Kumho Museum of Art, and her works are currently in the possession of Korea’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and Seoul Museum of Art.

Leehwaik Gallery

Founded in 2001, Leehwaik Gallery has become one of the most influential galleries in Korea. The gallery now represents leading figures in Korean Contemporary Art. Leehwaik Gallery also discovers and supports rising artists in Korea and regularly participates in international art fairs such as Art Miami, Abu Dhabi Art and KIAF ART SEOUL.

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