Dancer, Circa 90's

Sobhy Guirguis

Dancer, Circa 90's, 1990

Copper sheet

Unique Edition



Karim Francis


Price: 25,000 USD

About The Work

Sculptor, painter and musician, Sobhy Guirguis sculpture of a dancer.

About Sobhy Guirguis

SOBHY GUIRGUIS was born in 1929 and passed away in 2013 in Cairo, Egypt where he lived and worked. Influenced by his father, a renowned nay (flute) player in Om Kalthoum orches- tra, Guirguis first enrolled to study music and then switched to arts. He received a BFA, MFA and PhD from the faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo in 1958 and obtained a postgraduate diploma in Florence in 1964. He received the prestigious first prize for sculpture in the Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean Coun- tries in 1994 and the Grand Prize of the Cairo International Biennale in 1994 amongst many others

Karim Francis

In 1995, to fill the gap in the contemporary art scene in Egypt, Karim Francis Gallery was opened. Located within a pedestrian area of downtown Cairo, the gallery is a unique venue where paintings and sculptures are exhibited. While continually discovering, encouraging, supporting and promoting the achievement of Egypt’s artists, past and present, including renowned Egyptians masters who represent important currents in art, Karim Francis Gallery also aims to highlight contemporary Egyptian artists, in a variety of styles and mediums, by presenting their work nationally, regionally and internationally.

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