Ibrahim ElDessouki

Untitled, 2006

Oil on canvas



Hafez Gallery

Saudi Arabia

Price: 121,215 AED

About The Work

El-Dessouki's practice is the environment, which can be divided into two domains, the outdoor and the indoor. His indoor compositions are made of a carefully selected arrangement of everyday objects. The outdoor pictures are arresting landscape paintings and drawings that are all at once peaceful, yet untamed. The two environments work together to reveal both the visual and the social landscape of Egypt today, via the artist’s unique perspective. The title Synchronizing light and shade brings into play El Dessouki's use of shadowing to create the perfect harmony between light and darkness, they do not battle in his paintings, they revolve, engage and play. His paintings evoke an eerie and mysterious quality, which rather than disturb the viewer, somehow appear tranquil and serene. El Dessouki's work nurtures the state of dream before wakefulness, the imagination before the rational, the soul before the body.

About Ibrahim ElDessouki

Ibrahim El Dessouki, dubbed ‘The Architect’ for painting the columns of the temples of Luxor and Karnak was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1969. He descends from a family of artists as his father Fahmi El Dessouki and mother Atyat Sayed were well-known and established Egyptian expressionist painters and free-thinking intellectuals, and both greatly influenced the artist that Ibrahim had become. Dessouki's painting style is defined by his unique treatment of paint, which concentrates on his ability to create subtle changes in its texture; his unusual use of negative space; and his deft manipulation of shadow and light. While the artist's painting genres encompass portraiture, landscape and still life, Dessouki’s subject matter is very much Egypt-centric capturing his own unique and hypnotic perspective of the soul and essence of Egypt.

Hafez Gallery

Hafez Gallery was founded in 2014 in the city of Jeddah. We exhibit art from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. And we seek to share our art and culture in local and foreign forums. Going forward, we pledge to reinvest our profits fully into our cultural and educational programs.

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