The Sound of a Bee

Olivia Fraser

The Sound of a Bee, 2018

Stone pigments, Arabic gum and Gold leaf on handmade Sanganer paper



Grosvenor Gallery

United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Price: 25,000 USD

About The Work

The latest body of work by Olivia is deeply rooter in her interest in yoga and the ways in which yogic meditation involves visualisations of the garden, particularly the sahasrara, or the thousand-petaled lotus.

About Olivia Fraser

Olivia Fraser first came to India in 1989, following in the footsteps of her ancestor, James Baillie Fraser who painted India, its monuments and landscape in the early 1800s. Olivia set out to continue where her ancestor had left off, painting the architecture of India and its people. James Baillie Fraser also commissioned local artists to paint what has become the famous 'Fraser Album' - the greatest masterpiece of Company School Painting portraying the different types of people and their jobs, crafts or castes against stark white backgrounds. This hybrid form of painting where Indian artists created something that mixed techniques and ideas from the East and West has greatly influenced Olivia's work during the 1990s. Since then, she has studied traditional Indian miniature painting techniques under Jaipuri and Delhi masters, and now uses this in her work with its gem-like stone colours, its unique miniature brush work, and its elaborate decorative and burnished surfaces. Having been especially influenced by Nathdwara pichwai painting in recent years, Olivia has been exploring its visual language, honing it down to create one of her own that seeks to convey the very essence of the Rajasthani tradition. In 2019 Harper Collins published a book on Olivia’s work, titled ‘A Journey Within’.

Grosvenor Gallery

Grosvenor Gallery is based in St James's, London, and has been trading since the 1960s. Since 2000 we have been focusing on the work of artists from South Asia and are now the leading International Gallery dealing in Modern Art from India and Pakistan. We work closely with all the key collectors and Institutions in the region and beyond.

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