A Perfect Day

Waswo X Waswo

A Perfect Day, 2019

Pigment, gouache and gold on wasli



Gallery Espace


Price: 30,300 AED

About The Work

‘A Perfect Day’ is a three-panel contemporary miniature depicting an idyllic natural landscape with forested hills in the background, and flowers, birds and butterflies in the foreground. Waswo himself appears in the centre, as he does in many of his paintings, dressed incongruously in a white suite, and holding up a butterfly net. Ironically, he stands not in a verdant field or garden, but a muddy, barren ground.

About Waswo X Waswo

Waswo X. Waswo is an American photographer and poet, while R Vijay (short for Rakesh Vijayvargiya) is a miniature painter from Udaipur. Together they collaborate to create contemporary miniatures whose composition and style are reminiscent of, and sometimes deliberately evoke, Mughal or Rajasthani miniature paintings. Their subtext and subject, however, touch upon the here and now - the legacy of colonialism, the problem of refugees, environmental degradation, and such like. The miniatures are multi-layered with a dense narrative characterised by exquisitely wrought and minutely detailed borders. A gentle, self-deprecatory humour runs through the work, inviting viewers to smile at and with the artists. The artists live and work in Udaipur.

Gallery Espace

Founded in 1989, Gallery Esapce represents a roster of 23 artists and hosts between 10 to 12 exhibitions a year. The gallery’s vision has always remained rooted in the Indian aesthetic and the realities of the subcontinent’s everyday experiences through artistic practices that occupy a range of mediums, materials and languages. Espace proposes a solo presentation of the recent works of Manjunath Kamath, whose practice draws on Indian mythology, reformulating the phantasmagoric elements of the stories to construct a witty, and very contemporary take on society, the human condition, our petty foibles and the larger issues of gender and sexuality.

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