Shobha Broota

Untitled, 2019

Wool on canvas



Gallery Espace


Price: 50,320 AED

About The Work

‘Untitled’ is part of a recent series in which Shobha Broota explores the visual effects of wool or thread stretched over canvas. The strands of wool, dyed in various hues, are stretched in taut lines over the canvas which is painted in vibrant monochrome to create ripple-like gradations of colour which shimmer and vibrate as one meditates on it.

About Shobha Broota

Shobha Broota (b. 1943) trained as a classical Indian vocalist before turning to art, so it’s no wonder that her art “aspires to the condition of music”, in the words of Walter Pater. Like the classical raagas, Broota’s canvases are tranquil and deceptively simple; and their abstract forms allow for reverie untethered to the confines of narrative. Broota’s lines have rhythm and subtle movement; her colours, a rich resonance; and her surfaces a texture that is complex and moving. In a long and celebrated career, Broota has worked in several modes – from realistic portraiture and print-making, to abstract minimalist paintings in oil and acrylic. The artist lives and works in New Delhi.

Gallery Espace

Founded in 1989, Gallery Esapce represents a roster of 23 artists and hosts between 10 to 12 exhibitions a year. The gallery’s vision has always remained rooted in the Indian aesthetic and the realities of the subcontinent’s everyday experiences through artistic practices that occupy a range of mediums, materials and languages. Espace proposes a solo presentation of the recent works of Manjunath Kamath, whose practice draws on Indian mythology, reformulating the phantasmagoric elements of the stories to construct a witty, and very contemporary take on society, the human condition, our petty foibles and the larger issues of gender and sexuality.

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