Puneet Kaushik

Untitled, 2012

Acrylic, ink and coral beads on canvas



Gallery Espace


Price: 60,600 AED

About The Work

The textured red canvas in ‘Untitled’, provides a surreal backdrop to a grim and shabby cityscape etched in black ink – a reference to the mushrooming cities and the concrete jungle around us. Kaushik’s canvases are often distinctive for their bead-work inspired by Tibetan embroidery, a technique that is now little practiced, and the liberal use of red – the colour of blood which, for him, signifies the oneness of human life underlying peoples of all race, religions and nationalities.

About Puneet Kaushik

Puneet Kaushik’s (b. 1972) art is characterized by the use of diverse media -- beads made of glass or coral, cotton, wool or jute cord, metal wire, etc. Kaushik works these into his canvases using techniques drawn from various Indian craft forms such as crochet, block-printing, embroidery, tufting, wire-mesh weaving, etc. Kaushik studied Studio Art at the University of California, Berkeley (Extension) and has been closely associated with Dastkar, a leading Indian crafts non-government, for over two decades. He lives and works in New Delhi.

Gallery Espace

Founded in 1989, Gallery Esapce represents a roster of 23 artists and hosts between 10 to 12 exhibitions a year. The gallery’s vision has always remained rooted in the Indian aesthetic and the realities of the subcontinent’s everyday experiences through artistic practices that occupy a range of mediums, materials and languages. Espace proposes a solo presentation of the recent works of Manjunath Kamath, whose practice draws on Indian mythology, reformulating the phantasmagoric elements of the stories to construct a witty, and very contemporary take on society, the human condition, our petty foibles and the larger issues of gender and sexuality.

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