21:23:11 - 21:23:12 pm

Henry Hudson

21:23:11 - 21:23:12 pm, 2020

Plasticine on aluminium



Galerie Isa


Price available upon request

About The Work

The plasticine is heated, for malleability, then mixed and empastoed thickly on board in several layers of color. Using dentist tools, biros, and anything that does the job he then etches, sculpts and textures the plasticine. In his work, Hudson creates heightened worlds of color and form, forcing the viewers into an exploration an imaginary prehistoric world where nature has taken over and humans are yet to evolve. These works command attention with their almost impossible level of intricate detail, technique and colour. Hudson’s work cover a wide range of themes, from exploring social stereotypes to satirizing the madness of contemporary life. His works are often theatrical and at first glance appear playful, yet this humor masks a darker picture which reveals a grotesque and depraved version of humanity.

About Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson(b. 1982. Bath, UK) is a British artist who makes paintings, sculpture, etchings and performance based work. A graduate of Central St. Martins, the London based artist’s practice is best known for his radical use of plasticine as his chosen medium. Hudson originally started using plasticine when he discovered it was an inexpensive way of achieving the thick impasto surfaces of the traditional school of oil painting he was exploring, inspired by the influences of Van Gogh and Kiefer. As he developed his practice, he soon discovered the theatrical and expressive qualities peculiar to the medium, which offered him an innovative and exciting way to develop his painterly technique, focus on materiality, and his passion for gestural expression.

Galerie Isa

Galerie Isa was founded by Ashwin Thadani in 2011, and has since established itself as a leading proponent of international contemporary art on the Indian subcontinent. Newly located in the iconic Kamani Chambers building in the Art Deco district of Ballard Estate on the ground floor with a sprawling space of 5000 square feet, the gallery carefully develops each exhibition as part of a cumulative curatorial endeavour, introducing its audience to the kaleidoscopic practices of today’s most dynamic artists, from emerging and mid-career, to the world-renown. Galerie Isa’s programing is distinguished by a long-standing dialog with artists such as Michael Kunze, Gregor Hildebrandt, Louise Despont, Antonio Santin, Idris Khan, Annie Morris, Diana Al-Hadid, and Edouard Baribeaud. The gallery regularly produces scholarly catalogues and collaborates with external curators to create fascinating and thematic exhibitions. These shows have brought works from such critically acclaimed artists as Alicja Kwade, Ali Banisadr, Olafur Eliasson, Adrian Ghenie, Secundino Hernandez and Wolfgang Tillmans. Now in its ninth year, Galerie Isa continues to offer a unique platform to a compelling range of international figures who have already made their mark on art history and have contributed so much to the development of 21st Century Art. It is the strength of these artists’ reception in India and the region, coupled by a new vision of India within the global context, that continues to drive the gallery and Ashwin Thadani, its founder.

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