Ufan Lee

Correspondence, 1996

Pigment suspended in glue on canvas





Price: 500,000 USD

About The Work

Correspondence 1996 is a very wide rectangular oil painting by the South Korean artist Lee Ufan that features two large monochrome brushstrokes placed at intervals on a white background. All two brushstrokes are approximately the same width and length and the paint varies in thickness within each stroke, from very thin at one end to very thick at the other. The marks have been created through repetitive, decisive gestures and a sense of movement has been created by the heavily directional appearance of the brushstrokes, which give the marks the impression that they are travelling towards and around one another across the pictorial space.

About Ufan Lee



ARTSIDE Gallery was founded in 1999 in Seoul with a practical motto: ‘art is an endless centralisation of margins.’ It has since introduced Korean art to international art circles, promoting Korean artists globally and, at the same time, has introduced international art to Korean art circles. In 2001, it presented avant-garde artists from China in Korea for the first time. In 2008, it opened ARTSIDE Gallery Beijing in the Dashanzi Art District in China and established itself as a link between Asia, Europe and the Americas.

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