Maimouna Guerresi

Maïmouna Guerresi is a multimedia artist working with large scale photography, sculpture, video, and installation. As an Italian-Senegal artist, born in Italy, her work presents an intimate perspective on spiritual ideas of human beings in relation to their inner mystical dimensions. For over the years Guerresi’s work has been about empowering women and bringing together individuals and cultures in an appreciation for a context of shared humanity, beyond borders – psychological, cultural, and political. Recurrent metaphors such as milk, light, the hijab, trees, and contrasting white and black create awareness of the vital unifying qualities of Islamic spirituality. Pointing out the intimate investigation of the Islamic spirituality, and interpreting the various aspects of the Muslim inner world, the project discloses Maïmouna Guerresi’s approach to address contemporary multi-racial issues where the combination of race and culture exemplifies the dualistic symbolism with cosmological and ancestral roots.