Halima Cassell

Halima Cassell was born in 1975 in Pakistan and brought up in Lancashire. Clay, to Halima, is an iconic of human universality. It is where we all come from and where we return. It supports, sustains, and unites us. Born in Pakistan, brought up in Lancashire, and now living in Shropshire, Halima’s varied, multi-cultural background is tangibly present in her work.A natural creativity presented itself at an early age and was nurtured to fruition as Halima carved her way through an art-based education: an undergraduate degree in 1997 and an MA in 2002. The culmination of this process is Halima’s precociously mature work. Fusing her Asian roots with a fascination for African pattern work and her deep passion for architectural geometry, Halima’s work is intense yet playful, structured yet creative; substantial yet dynamic and invariably compelling in its originality. The artist lives and works in Shropshire.