Musab Al Rais

Emirati artist Musab Abdul Qader Al Rais has been experminting with art since his childhood, inheriting his talent from his father, renowned artist Abul Qader Al Rais. The 30-year-old engineering graduate's work is fashionably striking with the use of bold colours and tints to express the depth of space and forms in his watercolours. The manner in which Musab's style has evolved - have taken his works on a new artistic high and demonstrate that technique is pivotal and not merely a secondary creative tool. The technique of painting the multi-colored layers are reminiscent of the treatment of drapery in Renaissance paintings, where the meaning that lies beyond the obvious. The contemporary artist also uses acrylic as a medium to propel his work from a lifeless canvas into a work of art that paints a story of the country's cultural lineage and makes an unmistakable mark of Musab's Emirati identity.